R&PA «Rare Metals of Siberia»

   R&PA «Rare Metals of Siberia» is working on implementation the beryllium technology with the aim of organizing Russian beryllium production.

   The Project is being implemented by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation under the framework of the governmental program “Development of Industry and Improvement of Industrial competitiveness up to 2020” as approved by the Russian Government Decree No. 91-r dated 30 Jan 2013 under the subprogram “Development of the Industry of Rare-Earth Metals”

The Project objective:

   Establishment of the first manufacture of beryllium-based products (beryllium oxides, fluoroberyllate, ammonium beryllium, beryllium hydroxide, metallic beryllium).

The Project phases:
  • Establishment of the hydrometallurgical manufacture for the processing of 3,500 ton/year of the feedstock to produce beryllium compounds, including ammonium fluoroberyllate, beryllium hydroxide and beryllium oxide;
  • Establishment of a beneficiation plant for the processing of beryllium-containing ores from the Yermakovskoye deposit with the capacity of 3,500 t/year of the beryllium concentrate containing 8% ВеO;
  • Diversification of the hydrometallurgical production with the possibility of producing metallic beryllium, beryllium copper alloys and co-products like synthetic fluorite and high-purity silicon dioxide.

Industry news

  • Tomsk Polytechnic University

    "Tomsk Polytechnic University and «Rare Metals of Siberia» Scientific and Production Association completed the first stage of the project on the development of the first beryllium production in Russia."

  • TASS News Agency

    "TOMSK, December 17. /TASS/. Russia's first production of beryllium will be designed in 2016, Deputy Vice-Rector for Research and Innovations at Tomsk Polytechnic University

  • in.rbth.com

    "Siberian scientists have produced Russia's first sample of a strategically important metal – beryllium. Production technology remains classified, however, RIR has managed to unearth a few details."